Meet Yuji, Atsuo, and Yoshihisa

Yuji Tabata, Atsuo Shioiri, and Professor Yoshihisa Fujita, began exploring and monitoring a very special coral reef, only for it to be devastated by a typhoon hitting the seas near Okinawa in Japan in 2011.

With Aramco’s support, these three passionate and dedicated marine guardians assembled, and educated, a team of locals to monitor and safeguard what remained. They refused to give up hope that the reef would recover — and they were rewarded. The reef has now returned to its former glory, providing delight to divers, and essential support and shelter to the underwater biodiversity of the region. 

Aramco’s support for this initiative

Aramco Japan, through Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Consortium, awarded Okinawa’s Marine Learning Center (MLC), Professor Fujita’s place of employment, the Aramco Okinawa Coral Reef Conservation Fund Grant a total of five times — in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2019 and 2020.


This funding was disbursed to the MLC after the 2011 typhoon in recognition of its achievements in the field of marine environment research, and in the promotion of marine science education. The fund was used to monitor the healing of the coral reef, as well as to offer educational classes to children, and organize an exhibit in a local museum about coral reefs and their importance.

To learn more about how Yuji, Atsuo, and Yoshihisa combined their skills to help save the coral reef, please follow the link below.

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